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JHDN : Japan Huntington's Disease Network

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Should you be involved with HD,

Would your lifestyle change?

What kind of possibility could you find out?

Can you still enjoy your own life?


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This is an official JHDN website, designed and run by JHDN.
To webmaster:

JHDN started in April 2000.
JHDN is a full member of the IHA (International Huntington Association) ,
the international body for organizing HD lay groups around the world.

There is a severe shortage of information available on HD
in Japan. This web site has been set up on an experimental basis, with
the aim of providing information for HD patients and their families, medical
doctors, nurses, neutricians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists,
counselors, social workers and researchers.

JHDN stores and has access to a wide range of literature on HD from many
countries around the world. Most of them, however, are written in English,
so we would like to make it one of our tasks to translate as much as
possible of these materials into Japanese and eventually introduce it on
this site.。

Please note that, although the official description of this disease,
officially approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, is Huntington's
Chorea. Symptoms of HD includes not only chorea, and HC has a bit of
dicriminated taste. JHDN prefer to use the term Huntington's Disease(HD),
following international standard.


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Last updated May 25, 2001.